Thursday, January 04, 2007

Quiet applause?

At the end of September, I posted the initial response from my inquiry to an acquisitions editor regarding some academic book proposals I had, beginning with a transformation of my dissertation into a book. At the [Field 1] conference last November, I met with three acquisitions editors, including the one I had written to. Her press is the smaller of the three, and so far as I know has no representation in [Field 2], whereas the others are large, well-established, respected, and both have strong lists in both [Field 1] and [Field 2].

However, I had been approached by this acquisition editor's predecessor at a conference in Belgium back in 2002, when I had organized a panel (the one with the same focus as the upcoming conference I've recently written about), indicating an interest in covering off-the-beaten-path areas of [Field 1], which appeals to me. In addition, they have recently added a new series which is right up my alley, further supporting that supposition. I chose to send her an exclusive proposal for the dissertation-to-book project, which is as one might suspect a far more circumscribed effort than some of the future projects, being derived from my dissertation. I was frank in my comments to her which accompanied the proposal, noting my interest and activity in [Field 2], and suggesting that some of my future work might better be suited for the other two presses, while also mentioning an interest in the new series. Here is what today's inbox brought:
Dear Articulate,

I have now had a chance to read through your book proposal. I am interested by what I've read and I'd now like to move on to arranging some external reviews. Before I do, I was just wondering if you had any further sample material available from the book itself?



Inge Fleur
Senior Commissioning Editor
[Publishing House]

Projects. Work. Staying busy.


Greg said...

That's very good news. Presses pay external reviewers, so they don't use them unless they're really interested.

Lilian said...

Good! This is very encouraging, isn't it?

Bright Star said...

This is awesome!