Thursday, January 25, 2007

Plotting a course

I've long had a to-do list, that I keep on my computer desktop, updated periodically, with new items, striking out those I've completed, highlighting the ones that are in process, with notes on what I've done and what remains to be done.

On Monday, I created a "daily tasks" list. So far it has only three items on it, one of which I've yet to do since writing it. That's translating for my book proposal. As I'm thinking now, I might wish to make this into two books: one, based on my dissertation, with allusions to and excerpts from the translations; the second, a collection of translations, since virtually none of this material has ever appeared in a language spoken by more than a few million people. I just have to get on it. The number one item is actually homework for this language class I'm taking (the same language as the majority of the materials I'm translating). I'll be adding to this list as well, and hope to set up a routine whereby I can actually work on everything regularly.

I've been spending a good deal of time going through my dad's writings, and typing up things for the blog that I keep of his stuff, which once I've completed going through enough of his writing (it may be another year or so!), I plan to compile and edit, sprinkled with letters and reminiscences, into a memoir of sorts. If any of you are particularly interested in what "Articulate's dad" was like, drop me a line, and I'll send you the URL for that site. This work is item three on my list. There are many other things I have been doing with my time, like job applications, but I haven't decided that they are "daily tasks".

I haven't really worked on the children's books for a week. I'll have a lot of time to think about those things, and to prioritize my time and efforts, as I begin working with this career coach. Talked with my wife about it. She's thinking she might like to get a career coach. She suggested that perhaps this is a better investment in our future than my flying to all these conferences. Over six months, coaching will run us in the range of $2500 or so. My trip to Germany next month will run about $1000. Hopefully, one of the upcoming conferences in the UK will cover my expenses. The other one (in May), well, my paper was accepted as a poster. I'd like to go. We'll just have to see what things look like as we get closer.

In any case, these are some of the issues I will be working through, with assistance now. My coach, let's call him Paul Becker sent me the new client package, including a survey. Lot's to think about. Maybe I'll share some of it with you as we go along.

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