Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ah, but the question is... which one?

Taken today, at the local Botanic Gardens. I've realized that the signs that speak to us tell us more about ourselves than about metaphysics.


Prof. Me said...

I love photographs of signs -- and you're right about them usually telling us something we probably need to hear. This one you've posted is particularly apt for many of us, I suspect.

My husband has a penchant for taking photographs of signs. My favorite is one of a sign that has fallen into a pile of slush that says, "Rink Closed: No Skating Today." I'm not sure what that sign means in a "this-is-your-life" sense, but the photograph always makes me smile.

ArticulateDad said...

Some colleagues of mine in Europe began a long-term project involving public signs around the world (which were documented through photographs). Their interest was in part to study what signs can tell us about differences between societies (or at least about their public use of languages). An initial finding was that English signs (in particular in America) were more likely to use informal (or incomplete -- headline-like) constructions than, say, German or Czech signs.

Prof. Me said...

That's very true -- in Germany, I'm always amazed that ANYONE has time to read all of the information they post on their signs!