Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bill Ford?

Off topic, to be sure, but I couldn't resist.

Has anyone else noticed the conspicuous inclusion of Bill Ford's picture in all these recent Ford Motor Company ads lately? Let's see: why would I need to know the name and face of a CEO? Hmmm. Well, they could just be trying to soften their image. I mean, they are rolling out hybrid vehicles. But wait. Hybrids? That's kind of popular these days isn't it? I mean, even the POTUS has been making grunts in the direction of weakening our dependence on imported oil. (He wouldn't do that unless the polls, which he doesn't read of course, were telling him something).

Here's my prediction: Bill Ford is running for Senate or, who knows, the white house. Could just be my own suspicion. And frankly, I don't know the first thing about him. I've never heard of him nor seen his face until recently. What's his political persuasion? I have no idea. But he's a handsome guy for sure. And he's got that politician look, sort of a cross between Al Gore and John Edwards. Take a look. What do you think he's running for?

Give credit where credit is due. The photo was snagged from http://media.ford.com/images/large/people/WFC_JR_photo.jpg

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