Friday, March 10, 2006

I sit and stare

What am I waiting for? It feels like I'm sitting around with nothing to do. Of course, that's not exactly true.

I drafted up a decent preliminary outline for my planned research website. Yup, I decided to go ahead with the plan. I ordered the hosting service (signed up for a 2-year pre-paid contract), and registered a domain name (plus 2 free variants, i.e. .net, .info, .org). Turns out the [MySite].com domain (which I wasn't so interested in) was already registered. I wonder if that will lead to confusion?

I thought this would be easier however. Have I said it before? I hate waiting! Tick... tick... tick. I signed up, they were supposed to call to confirm. After an hour, I called them back, and was able to confirm over the telephone. I'm supposed to get an email with directions for how to get started. Tick... tick... tick.

Yeah, I'm impatient. What's the big deal? Hmmm. I've gotten used to composing my thoughts at the computer. I want to get started setting up the website. I haven't figured out how to do that locally on my computer. I've been reading over documentation for WordPress. There's a learning curve. I want to do this right from the start, so I establish a system, and will be able to just post content.

Meantime, I'm like a kid promised a trip to the candy store, but somehow we're not in the car yet. There's some more delay.... I want my candy!

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