Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not so good at secrets

I've never been terribly good at secrets. For those who are curious about a new site in progress, email me.


ABDmom said...

Nice! You're not in the general field I thought you were. :)

I like the articulate child site, too. Ooh, and I had a comment for you: Pistola loves, loves, LOVES Jack's Big Music Show, and the Laurie Berkner Band has a video on each episode. I would highly recommend this show--it's fun for the kids and the music is really good! Buddy Guy was on recently for a fantastic episode.

PS: The show is on Noggin. I know it's on everyday at 4:30, and it's on everyday at 12 or 12:30, too (can't remember which).

BrightStar said...

This is exciting! I figured it out! neat! You live where I thought you lived. I had a job interview at your PhD granting institution!