Saturday, March 11, 2006

A web administrator I am not!

Let's just say, several hours of frustration later... and a desperate chat with my brother (who thinks I'm about as bright as someone who would call a tech support line only to discover that indeed the computer won't work unless it's plugged in)... and I finally finally finally got the website up and running to the point that I can begin to start to do something with it. This will be an awkward few weeks, as I report on what I'm doing, as I come to grips with a new sort of relationship with the public, and my field, and myself. I'll have to do a bit of soul-searching as I figure out how much of my real self I'll allow to be revealed here.

One thing I believe... this blog is not really about my research. It's about me, and my experience as a human being, as a scholar, as an academic, dealing with the ups and downs of that state of being. In a sense, the details of my research is somewhat irrelevant here, perhaps distracting. Then again, who am I if not defined by my work? But... I'll be working on those issues over the next few weeks, as my "professional research website" takes form, and I'm sure you'll all be privy at least to a bit of this wrestling with myself.

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