Friday, March 10, 2006

A typical morning

[... knock... scritch... jingle jingle... kschwoo...]

Painter: Ducky opened the door.

[He carries a stuffed "Ty silk" duck, which in fact more resembles a platypus, or a flattened duck. This is his "friend".]

Me: uhnnn
Painter: Hi daaady! Will you please get me some milk?
Me: Uhnnn... what time is it? What does the clock say?
Painter: 6...2...3
Me: Unh hnn... it's 6:23. That's too early.
Painter: When will you get me some milk?
Me: at 7...
Painter: what are the numbers?
Me: 7..0..0
Painter: Oh... okay... why won't you get me milk now, daddy?
Me: It's too early.
Painter: But why?
Me: We go through this every morning. And every morning I say I'll get you the milk at 7. Daddy needs his sleep. Why don't you just come snuggle?

[Problem is... we have a "Full" bed... The Inventor (1;4) is already in bed nursing by this point... The Painter has left the door open, so the three cats have migrated to the bed ooh... warm spot!. It's a good thing the wife and I are both small.]

Painter: Now it says 6...2...8
Me: uhnn urgggh

[Painter proceeds to stretch out, pushing me with his feet.]

[I get up to pee. I crawl back in bed... there's really little point in this. I get up at 6:43, and wander to my computer, to mindlessly check email and Bloglines.]

[Half a minute later...]

Painter: Daaaddy? Will you get me some milk?
Me: I'd be deligh-
Painter: Cause the milk-time clock says it's 43-o'clock, and that means it's milk time.



Ahistoricality said...

I wonder how hold they have to be before the concept "too early, go back to sleep" starts to make sense? Little Anachronism doesn't get it, either...

trillwing said...

As frustrating as this scenario is to you, it's damn cute!

Mr. Trillwing and I, BTW, would at this point be thrilled if Lucas let us both sleep in past 5. :P