Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm taking little, plodding steps. Working, working. Following up on some ideas, running analyses. Adding bits to my research website (I set a goal to add one substantial item per day to that site... so it keeps building). Still finding a few jobs to apply to for next fall, mostly one-year or temporary gigs, but also a few full-time tenure-track posts.

Mostly, I'm trying to keep busy, so I don't spend my energy worrying about not hearing back from others. I'm working to get more things out there: more article submissions, more entries and posts on my website, more job applications. Years ago, when I had a landscaping business, I liked sending out bills, knowing I had receivables, that someone always owed me money. I'm trying to create the same sense now, to maintain receivables in my professional life.

Surely, some will come back in the form of rejection letters, but some will be acceptances, or invitations, or interviews. The good, the bad... it doesn't really matter, as long as there's always something coming in or expected.

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