Thursday, March 02, 2006

More one-year apps

Just sent off two more applications for one-year teaching posts. Both of them would be quite a tough commute for me, and neither would work if I need to be on campus more than 3 or 4 days per week. They're far enough that it'd require a two- or three- leg flight from where we live. I'm not about to ask my family to move with me for a temporary teaching post. That said, I'm eager to take what I can get while I keep looking for something permanent.

If I do that sort of thing, I'll be living alone for the time I spend at school, meaning I'd plan on working very long, very hard days, so I could be husband and father for the time I'm back at home. But, I'm jumping the gun. Just trying to think ahead. It gets to the stage however that I feel my standards and selectivity slipping a bit. I find myself writing in cover letters that I'd be pleased to cover their survey courses in areas that I'd really rather not tread. I figure the specific courses I teach can be decided after I'm offered a post, not before... I don't really like being in this position where I feel obligated to stretch my comfort zone.

But, I'm still receiving acknowledgement letters for posts I applied for previously, so I know some searches are still open. I'm biting my nails again, just waiting. For anyone who's curious, that brings my grand total for this season only to 46 faculty posts applied for. Plus 2 post-docs, one of which I posted about earlier. Last year, I applied to about 40 posts, including post-docs. Can anyone out there beat that? And, I thought I was being selective!

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