Thursday, March 16, 2006

Show your books!

I got this idea from a mailing from St. John's College that I recently received, which featured a photo of three tall stacks of books, assumedly comprising their four-year reading list. If you don't know anything about SJC, it's an amazing concept: all required shared curriculum, all original source readings, no majors, no departments.
So, taking the idea one step further...
Academics of the world, show your books!


Prof. Me said...

Oooh, I wish I could participate in this. Two things are prohibiting my participation, however:

1.) We lost our digital camera over the holidays and have not yet replaced it.

2.) All of my non-dissertation and non-library books are packed away in boxes in our storage unit until the move.


ArticulateDad said...

LOL... We'll wait. Better than posting pictures of boxes, I suppose.

We lost our old digital camera, and our digital video camera, and my portable DAT recorder, etc... when our car was stolen (the entire thing!), three weeks after arriving in my host country for the Fulbright a couple years ago. Welcome to Europe. The trauma kept us from replacing them for more than a year.

I've yet to replace the DAT player, but that's going the way of 8-tracks I'd suppose. Too bad, I may lose all the recordings and data I have archived that way.