Thursday, April 13, 2006

Busy, busy, distracted

I go out of town tomorrow (for Passover in Boston with family). The Rocket Scientist has had big presentations yesterday and today, as a critical phase in her present program, so she's feeling somewhat relieved that it is all (almost) over.

I've realized there are many things on my plate at the moment (and none of them having to do with the seder). In no particular order:
  • Need to write book review for [Field 2] journal sometime in the next month
  • Need to submit grant proposals for my longitudinal study (first deadline May 1)
  • Need to prepare my host department colloquium talk (May 18)
  • Need to complete my current project.
    • Received a call for papers for a [Field 1] journal which is planning a special issue for which this project would be ideal. Need to write up article on that aspect of the project.
    • Probably will be able to write up an expanded article more fully involving the other aspects of the project as well.
  • Need to finalize syllabus and submit application for one-year gig at [Tough Commute U.] (I'm still waiting on the latest edition of the textbook... hopefully it will arrive tomorrow a.m. before I head out of town). Deadline for reciept of materials: May 15.

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Prof. Me said...

Have a great trip, AD!