Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sign off

Heading out of town tomorrow. Haven't packed yet. Only once did I pack far in advance of a trip. That was in 1996, for my first trip overseas. I was to be gone for 11 weeks, and I was excited! I had everything tightly folded, rolled, and packed in ziploc bags at least a week in advance. That's the one anomaly in my life of packing on the run. I guess for campus visits I might pack a day in advance... but that's about it.

Tonight, I'll grab what I can think of, and toss it in a bag. Tomorrow a.m. I head to campus, where The Painter has gymnastics class. I'll take both boys, drop off #1 in class, walk across campus with The Inventor, to check my campus mail box. I hope the textbook will arrive in campus mail tomorrow. But, in any case, I'll show off my beautiful boy to my colleagues. There are a lot of babies in my host department. It's nice to see. I doubt it's just the field, however. I think it's just the culture of this department.

Then, we head back home, and off to the airport around lunchtime. We'll be in Boston until Wednesday. I suspect I'll have some internet access. But, this is a vacation. So, I'll do my best to just focus on being dad, husband, son, and brother. Those are good roles too. I may be better as a scholar than any of those, but practice is always good.

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