Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A good start

I've got a good start on the NEH draft. I've written about 8000 characters (1233 words) so far today. The limit is a character count (12,500), so I've got some room to expand, and make sure I've answered all their principal bullet points. A bibliography is separate, so that won't count against my character count. The narrative I think is the key. I want to get this done tonight or tomorrow, so I can send off the draft to my two recommenders for feedback and comment before submitting. Deadline is Monday.

As soon as I clear this off my desk, I've got to get cracking on my Berkeley conference presentation, then my colloquium talk. Oh yeah, and the syllabus for my application to [Tough Commute U.] Bet you're tired of hearing that one by now. Here's the to-do list.
  1. Abstract for Scotland conference (Deadline: April 21).

  2. Send revised .odt & .doc versions of dissertation distillation article.

  3. File financial paperwork (Deadline: ASAP)

  4. NEH grant application (Deadline: May 1) <--in process.

  5. Application to [LVU] lectureship (Deadline: May 1) <-- if I'm going to do it!

  6. Berkeley conference talk (May 6-7)

  7. Application to [TCU] (Deadline: May 15)

  8. Host dept. Colloquium talk (May 18)

  9. Book review for [field 2 journal] (Deadline: ~ May 15) <--still reading.

  10. Applications to other lectureships (Deadline: June 1)

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