Thursday, April 06, 2006

Might as well have said: desperation doesn't suit you

Ahhh. First thing, The Rocket Scientist is home. After a couple TV shows for the boys, I had calmed down enough to be good father again, so we played for a little while.

Then the wife came home, and I quickly had a couple shots of home-made strawberry vodka. (It's not entirely homemade, since I use Ketel One. I cut up fresh fruit--strawberries and mangoes are my favorites, fill a pint jar about 1/3 full with fruit, then cover with vodka, leave in the fridge for a week or so, shaking every now and then, then freeze. Yum!). Now I'm feeling much ... serener. Now, make no assumptions, I'm no drunk, though I enjoy a few glasses of wine once or twice a week. But I've learned, a shot or two of vodka has quite a calming effect when needed. And, somehow, it seems less drastic than Xanax! :)

So, on to the latest in my saga of unemployment...

Today's rejection letter at least made me laugh. As my wife put it: they do have a point.

Here's the gist of it:
Dear Dr. [YouKnowWho]:
Thank you for your interest and submission of your vita to become a part-time temporary instructor for [Small Midwestern State U.]'s off-campus programs.

At this time, we offer undergaduate programs only in our state, and because of budget constraints it would be unlikely that we would fly an instructor from California. I'm very sorry we will be unable to utilize your expertise.

Should you have any questions regarding this correspondence, please feel free to contact me... Best wishes as you search for teaching opportunities.

:) What they didn't write was What were you thinking? Desperation doesn't suit you!

[SIGH] Ah well. Let's hope something comes through for next year. But, I'm trying to keep my wits and humor about me.

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Ahistoricality said...

Sounds tasty. The vodka, not the letter.

A lot of Japanese families that I knew in Japan used to keep a bottle of plum wine on hand: they took shochu (which is a lot like vodka) and dumped it in a bottle with a bunch of plums and left it under the counters for a few months.

Yours is more elaborate, but definitely sounds good. I've always been more of a citrus than strawberry person, myself...