Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm writing

Drafting, drafting, writing... but this is scary. Do I have the courage to write my own proposal*? It's a funny thing. Why would I not?

It's started off well enough. I want to write a hard-hitting, direct proposal. One that says: these scholars have said this. They are wrong. They are wrong because they did not consider this. It is alright, it's not their expertise. But this, this, this... look here. Consider this. You see, it's not as simple as they all supposed, as you might have supposed. Yes, I'm writing simply, because the things that have been overlooked are all right there in our faces everyday. And yet, so far so many have missed them. But, here, read this. It's intimated here. This scholar has asked these questions. Here's another. But not from our standpoint. So, here's what I'm going to do... this, and this. Yes, it doesn't sound like what's been done before. It's not the same approach. But don't you think it's worthy of being looked at? And here are my credibles for doing this work.

So, I write. It's funny how I sit for so long, contemplating what to say, then when I start to write... I'm afraid. I'm scared by how quickly the thoughts flow. So, back to it, then.

* Edited to clarify: I meant, do I have the courage to write a proposal that is truly my own, one that reflects what I really wish to do, not simply one that I think will sell?

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