Friday, May 12, 2006

Calling all mothers

Okay, friends... I'm not going to blow this one, this year. I'm always so bad, so distracted. But I've got two days. What do I do for the Rocket Scientist for Mother's day? Any ideas, suggestions? I'm all ears.


Prof. Me said...

What I want for Mother's Day: a hike along a beautiful trail with T and ST, and a picnic where I don't have to prepare any of the food. I doubt it'll happen, though, since we're supposed to have crummy weather.

I'd also like two new laundry baskets. How lame is THAT? I've had the same two laundry baskets for almost a decade, one for whites and one for colors. They are both falling apart, handles coming off. I told T that this is what I wanted and he laughed. "Oh, right -- like I'm going to get you something so boring!" he said. But that's what I really WANT!

Or a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Or some new gardening gloves to replace the pair that ST filled with dirt.

Does she like plants? What are her hobbies, apart from rocket science? Does she like to read? Could you offer her breakfast in bed with a good book? Is there a special place she likes to visit (e.g., a museum or park)? Something she really likes to do with the boys?

Have you asked for input from the Painter and the Inventor? They probably know just the thing.

ArticulateDad said...

Thanks, PM... now, laundry baskets I could get! LOL. Yeah... a hike might be real nice. I'll talk to the Painter... the Inventor is good for saying things like cat and strawberry (at least some approximation) but I don't think he'd be much help in this regard... unless of course the Rocket Scientist wants another cat, or some strawberries. Not likely.

Ahistoricality said...

There's always the "day off" thing: a fun family breakfast followed by the disappearance of spouse and offspring (or of mother) for a day of..... she's not telling and you're not asking.

ABDmom said...

What I would like:

Some earrings. They don't have to be expensive. A $10 pair would be fine. Just something pretty that I could wear every day--nothing too big or fancy.

Gift certificate for a facial and a massage.

Some short-sleeved blouses. They seem to be impossible to find, but I need something that looks a little nicer than a t-shirt.

A book.

Liza with a Z on DVD.

The main thing is that I am so sick of spelling out exactly what I want to BH. I would like to be pleasanty surprised for once. He never tells me what he wants, yet I have to tell him exactly what I want, or I won't get anything at all. I have yet to get a Mother's Day present. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will this year. I told him he'd better, so I think that lit a fire.

But enough about me. I think the key question to consider is, what does she like? What are her interests? Use the answers to those questions to help you find a gift. Me, I love music, theatre, movies, and reading, so it would be hard for BH to screw up in those categories. What does she love?