Thursday, May 18, 2006

No mosquitos

Only a couple of horseflies, but they didn't bite too much. It went well, well enough. The prof who has to write a recommendation for my NEH proposal seemed quite excited. That's good. There were a few important but skeptical questions regarding the relevance of my research. I accept the challenges. Partly it's simply a question of terminology, using words precisely, or clarifying them a bit, or simply rephrasing it all. (Sorry to be so vague.) But, as the prof who needs to write my recommendation (who happens to be current chair) put it: it's work that has to be done!

That's a good way to put it. It's work that needs to be done... and I'm one of the few who are prepared to do it.

[SIGH!] Let's hope that's enough to get me a job (or at least another year under fellowship!).

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Ahistoricality said...

That is indeed the way to put it. Congrats!