Monday, May 15, 2006

Not much, too much

Not much to write these days. I'm a bit overwhelmed, and have quite a few things on my plate. I like being busy, but I hate feeling like I'm not quite getting through. I never want to settle for good enough.

I spent much of today running errands. I needed to renew my passport, on a rush, since it expired last month, and I have just over two weeks remaining before my trip to Scotland. Ah, yes... see, I've got to buy my tickets and such, not knowing for sure that my new passport will arrive in time. Such is the excitement, of all of a sudden having things pile up and not knowing where to begin.

But, I also engaged in a bit of retail therapy. Over the weekend, I bought myself seven new shirts (four short sleeve, and three long). Today, I ordered four pairs of pants from Eddie Bauer. I'm short, at least short-legged... which makes it ever difficult to buy pants. So, I special order them.

That's a lot of clothes. But I tend to wear the same things until they wear thin. I realized at my interview, that the pants I was wearing were beginning to fray at the heel, and the nice button down shirt had a slight tear where the pocket attached to the shirt. Great to be thinking of those things when I'm sitting in the Provost's office, I can assure you. So, I decided I needed to get some new clothes. Well, that and the fact that my pants are all one to two inches too large in the waist. I was tired of cinching up belts.

This post is beginning to bore me. So I'll stop.

Got to spend the next couple days focusing on my Colloquium talk this Thursday. I'll be back when I've something to say, and time to say it, I promise.

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