Thursday, May 11, 2006


[Mumble... shuffle]
It's morning here. At least the sun is up, and I'm half awake.

First Flight, on time.
Second Flight, delayed... took off, over an hour late.
More delays in flight.
Finally, arrived nearly two hours late, about 15 minutes before third flight scheduled to take off.
Third Flight, delayed.
Estimated, 2 hours, 25 minutes later than originally scheduled
On plane number three as rescheduled.
Arrived at final airport around 1:30 local time, fully 13 hours after first flight took off, nearly 18 hours after I woke up to begin the journey.

Then, the prof. I'd be replacing next fall kindly picked me up, and we drove.
I thought it was only 15 minutes from the airport?
Had a nice talk on the way. Shop talk, but honest, not posturing. Too late for that.
Kindly, he had rescheduled my teaching demo for this afternoon, so my first appointment is at 10:30 local time (still 7:30 back home!) But that beats trying to be coherent at 9:00 local time, after such a day.

Honestly, kept my spirits and wits about me. I'm just exhausted. This bodes ill for the prospect of actually being able to "commute" to this job. But we shall see.

Meantime, I'm in one piece, and alive.
The day begins. First campus visit of the season.


Prof. Me said...

Good luck for today, AD, as tired as you will be. The adrenaline will kick in and put your presentation over the top.

I'm glad you're there safely, and am eager to hear about the rest of the day.

Ahistoricality said...

I had travel problems like that at an interview once: they eventually put us on a bus across a certain swath of the midwest... but everyone was very impressed at how good-humored I was about it, so it ultimately worked in my favor.

Smile. No matter how much it hurts.