Saturday, May 06, 2006

Playing Chicken

Just a brief mention: The house that wouldn't sell is finally under contract! The price is significantly lower than I would have liked. I'm thinking it's probably at least $25-30k less than we could have gotten for it 6 months ago, if we had had an agent who was really taking care of us. But the market has changed since we first put it up for sale LAST JUNE! But, it goes to show you that playing chicken can pay off. In the end the buyer's agent is forking over $500, and our seller's agent is coming up with $1200. I had simply said that the buyer was getting the place for so ridiculously low a price that I simply wasn't willing to give him a nickel more.

But I was right in assuming that the two agents had far more to gain from closing this deal than we had to lose. We had already lost enough! That said, I'll be really glad when we get that cash deposited in our account; when we no longer have the mortgage, taxes, and insurance to cover on a vacant house; when we can finally pay off all our student loans, all of our remaining debts; and when we can finally begin saving again. Hurray! We should have our money from the relocation company by Friday.

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Lilian said...

I'm glad you finally sold the house - it must be a huge relief for you and your family!