Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Flying to the mountains soon

We'll be leaving for the airport soon. I hate to leave you, my friends, with the down post of yesterday night. I will endeavor to enjoy these days, visiting friends in the mountains and the valley. And I will smile as my wife recounts her own success, and as my friends ask and tell about life.

Exciting things are afoot. Change is good. Even if we stay (the decision is ours alone), it is wonderful to be steering our own course, to be standing side by side in this tour of life, and finding direction from outside, even when the storms blow in swirls within.


Prof. Me said...

The last phrase of this post is beautiful: "...even when the storms blow in swirls within." It's such a perfect word image for the turmoil you're feeling.

Have fun on your trip and be good to yourself (and to the Rocket Scientist!).

Dr. MetamorPhD said...

I truly hope that things are looking up for you very soon! This liminal post-Ph.D. phase shall pass, but I can completely understand how you might feel frustrated and a bit unvalidated by everything going on around you right now. It will get better. It has to! Your hard work will pay off.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation. Enjoy the mountains!

undine said...

Change can be good. Either way, you're in a promising situation with these choices. Have a good trip.