Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Painter's contemplations


Painter: Daddy, what's inside our bodies?

What's inside our bodies? Well, there are all sorts of things: there's blood, and bones... and muscles, and organs... why do you ask?

Painter: Well, I was hitting my leg with a rock... and I was wondering if I'd put a hole in my leg.

Me: Oh... well, do you want to see some pictures of what's inside our bodies?

Painter: Yeah.

So, we did a brief stint on the internet, then I called in the big dogs and cracked out an old Biopsychology and an Evolutionary Biology textbook. Never too young to get him started, right? He was fascinated with all the pictures of cells and dendrites and myelin, and especially the drawings and pictures of brains. Oh... and he especially liked the drawings of cats. They've got brains and cells too, you know.

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Greg said...

Funny you mention that--my son has been really getting into the same thing, to the point that he wants to break a bone so that he can get an X-ray and see it. If he gets hurt even slightly, he claims it's broken. Of course, he has no idea that this would have to involve real pain...