Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not all waiting.

Did more cleaning and "purging" today. Cleared out the back hallway entirely, sorted through a bag full of stuff from my Fulbright year abroad. Finally got that sorted, and tossed what I don't want to keep. Pulled several boxes out of the backmost closet; some scrapbook stuff of my wife's (she can sort that); quite a few pictures that we ought to give away; a box full of old (mostly antique) cameras that my dad had been collecting, that I may be ready to part with now; some odd metal music boxes (also my dad's) that I definitely am ready to part with.

If we do move (which is quite likely) purging will help us become and stay more limber. Can't say how long we'd stay. No telling. At least a year (at least the family would stay the whole time) since my wife's relocation package would require that. It's hard to act "as if" even though I'm not ready to give up the applying. I did some internet searching today, looking into possible corporate positions. My heart is really in the research. I like teaching, but it's simply not in my hands to decide that right now.

So, the research has to be my focus. Is there a place in the corporate world for my research? Don't know. Could I get venture capital or a corporate grant to get moving ahead, with the contract that offers "first right of refusal" to any patentable work? The onus now rests squarely on me to figure all that out. Could be fun. I long most of all these days for a little stability, a little certainty about where I am and where I'm going.

For now... it's patience!

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