Thursday, August 10, 2006

Karl-Heinz writes

In response to my email from a week ago:
Hi Articulate:

It is good to hear from you. I am not quite sure if I have the kind of
position that you are looking for.

I have an NIH grant on x & y under review. That grant has a postdoc position in it, but I won't hear about it until November. I have currently one postdoc position that is not filled, but there is only 5-6 more months of funding left. It is an x & z project. I might get a second year of funding, but I won't know for another few months.

You might be eligible for a National Research Science Award. These are postdoctoral fellowships from the NIH. You would need an advisor that has NIH grant support (which I have). I would be willing to sponsor you for this grant category if you want to work with me.

Hope this gives you some information. Let me know if you want to explore this further.


updated to add:
Dear Karl-Heinz,

This all sounds good. I'd like to hear more about your x & z and x & y projects. Could you send me the proposals or an abstract? I have an outstanding NEH grant myself on [related area]. I won't hear back on that until December. Thinking about my 5-10 year goal (to be a director of a center for the study of x & y), a post-doc in cognitive neuroscience today, honing up my knowledge and experience in that domain, especially in your lab which is focused in my area of interest, would be quite useful. So, I'm flexible on details. Let's keep talking.


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