Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Golden check-in

Here in Golden, visiting friends. Really, really nice. Friends are good. I didn't mention it before, among the things I found in my box of wonders was a Christmas card from 1993 from a friend whom I confess I had forgotten. But, from the letter, we must have been pretty good friends. So, I looked her and her husband up. I found an email, and sent her a blast from the past (without admitting that I really couldn't recall her). She wrote:
Wow! Hi Articulate. I'm totally thrilled to hear from you! I've actually been thinking about trying to track you down were always one of my favorite people at [Final Undergraduate School].
I'm so pleased to be renewing old friendships, even if it'll take me a few contacts to refresh my memory. So many moves, so many friendships faded. It's time for me to renew them, time to replenish my youthful exuberance, my dreams, my passions.

I don't know what the next few years will bring. But I'm determined to not lose myself. Life is just simply too good.

Be well, my friends. Many of you I will meet some day. In the meantime, I will enjoy my trip, and I will find a way to shine brightly again.

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MapleMama said...

I just attended my 20th HS reunion, and while reviewing my yearbook, had the similar experience of reading lovely inscriptions from people I simply can't remember.

But thanks to our reunion organizer, I now have some of their email addresses and I, too, am starting to rekindle these friendships. It is a wonderful feeling.

Have a great trip, and enjoy all of the upcoming changes!