Thursday, August 10, 2006

High Valley, step two (but will I apply?)

Hi Tasse,

I just saw this post come up at High Valley Community College. Deadline is this Friday. I'm planning to apply. At least I know the Rocket Scientist could get a good job within about an hour's drive, and it'd finally give me a jumpstart on my career. My 5-10 year goal is to be a director of a center for the study of x & y. The question is, how do I get there. Wallowing in unemployed uncertainty, even actively pursuing publications and conference presentations (which I'm doing), isn't necessarily going to get me there any faster.

I have been considering options for postdocs in [the science end of things]. Yet, the director of a lab in the UK, where I applied for a recent opening stated that she'd have shortlisted me, but for the fact that I'm not an EU citizen, and they must give preference to EU candidates, as long as they meet the minimum qualifications. So, the idea of finding a post in the UK is pretty much shot, though I keep trying. At least in that case I know why.

We've taken the attitude that our principal goal at the moment is to find meaningful work for both of us (ideally within an hour's commute of each other) that will keep us occupied and satisfied for 3-5 years. The hope is that the next 3-5 will get me closer to my 5-10 goal.

In any case, attached is the CV I've worked up for the dean position, and the job description. I've also asked Dean Horowitz (with whom I had lunch a couple weeks ago) whether he'd be willing to serve as an additional reference. Not holding my breath on this one (as I'm not on any of the jobs I apply for). But I do think it's getting to be time for some positive developments. I begin to tire of my own impatience.

Let me know your thoughts, I know this is territory you have some experience with.



Dear Articulate:

Ah, so your ego can't take my idea of the "three year fellowship"? I don't blame you. it's hard, really hard to make that work. Although, i might add, that once you get involved with your "meaningful employment" you'll realize how much crap there is in that world too, and perhaps you'll long for the good old days. (Some of this is on faith, but I have the example of Wife, M.D. before me. Believe it or not, she got fired from her job as department chair in March. She was devastated, of course, but I seldom recall her being happier than she is now...)

Anyway, you can always count on me for a rec.

Sending you warm wishes, and a special brucha or two towards the job you want.


Dear Michael [Dean Horowitz],
I'm planning to submit this Friday an application for a Dean's position at High Valley Community College. If it were to work out, it'd be a good opportunity for my wife and I to work in the same geographic region, and for me to finally jumpstart my career in academia. Would you be willing to serve as one of my references?

Attached, for your perusal, is the job listing and the CV I've worked up for the application.

Best regards,

Dear Articulate,

I'd be honored.


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Prof. Me said...

Progress! This is progress, and another opportunity to push for. I'm glad you're doing this, and I'm sure Rocket Scientist is, too. You never know: this could be just the thing that has been waiting for you.