Monday, February 06, 2006

Feeling pretty good

As you may have surmised, I've been feeling pretty well lately. It's been nice to spend some time talking with my wife. It's funny, since she's been working 50 hour weeks for about three weeks running. You'd think we wouldn't find any time for us. But... it's the old truism: the more I have to do, the more gets done.

We're still finding time for a weekly date, which is wonderful. Lately, I'm spending less time worrying about things, and more time doing things. I'm counting blogging, since it's proved rather therapeutic for me. It's a good community out here. Thanks.

The job seasons still plods along. Got two letters today. One: "thanks for your interest... we've completed our preliminary reviews... sorry to say, your dossier will not be moving to the next stage;" and one: "Thank you for your interest... please complete this form pigeonholing yourself into some ridiculously amorphous ethnic/racial category that the government requires us to pigeonhole you into. We'll be reviewing materials soon, and hope to keep you appraised of our progress."

So, it continues. I've settled a bit more into the routine of it. Thanks agin to Professor Me for her astute commentary on my post a couple weeks ago. I'm remembering that what I really want is a job that I will love, not simply any ole job. Remembering that, helps ameliorate the frustrations of it all. I'm trying to keep in perspective my longer term goals, rather than worrying about one season. I'm really doing all I can, and while surely I try to put my best face on in applications, I'm making every effort to be honest in them as well, and to present myself as I really wish to be seen. Then at least I'll know when someone does call, that they're interested in me, not merely some facade that I or they will realize for a charade down the road.

In the words of Wilson Phillips: And it goes on... You won't see me cry. You know I've decided that I'm gonna pull myself together...

Good night.


Dr. Mon said...

Glad your spirits are up and I love that you and your wife have weekly dates!!

ArticulateDad said...

It's a real treat, I confess. Highly recommended for all lovers out there.