Monday, February 20, 2006

Hack... Cough!

Just a little random update of me, since I've been silent these past few days.

I'm not feeling well. Is it allergies? I don't have a fever, just an awful hacking cough, deep down in my lungs. My wife spent the weekend (5 hours on Saturday and about 4.5 on Sunday) taking a class that I got her for her birthday (back in December) . She finally scheduled it. Next weekend she continues, four hours on Saturday and 8 on Sunday! It's fun, but she's still stressed about work.

She only worked 41 hours last week. She's begged off some travel this week, asking a coworker to cover for her. But she feels guilty about that. Our car is still at the dealership, so I gave her a ride into work today. I'm working at home again (especially until I start feeling better). It's just a lot of things taking up time and pressing on us. Since BrightStar praised me for it recently, I'm going to keep trying to see the highs with the lows.

Life is pretty good, even with the downsides. I spent four years in Indiana... I prefer ups and downs to endlessly flat fields of corn (and feed corn no less, nothing like the sweet, delicious kernels of Maryland and Virginia corn I grew up with). I'll be back.

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