Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A wild ride

It's been a wild ride today, mostly down. I prepared and sent off an application package for another job in the UK. Just before I left the house, I got another rejection letter. We wish you success in finding a position to satisfy your career objectives.

Blech! How bland can you get? I mean, can't they at least wish me well in finding a FACULTY post somewhere? It's hard not to let that stuff get to me. I can talk myself round and round... but sometimes it just gets to me. I want to scream (I'll post a relevant poem next). Sometimes a good scream (like a good cry) let's me feel a good deal better.

I met my wife for lunch. She's a big help in keeping my head screwed on. So, I'm a bit better now.

Okay, now for some productive time this afternoon. I've committed to sending off this article by the end of the month (willy-nilly) somewhere. I still have to decide on the venue to submit to. But it will be done.

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