Saturday, February 11, 2006

A poem (for Trillwing)

Snow Fall (12/4/91)

Outside, the snow fell while I was unaware.
Inside my mind there was no place for snow.
Is it not so, that for each one there are many worlds?
Can we inhabit more than one at a time?

I felt confused, almost hurt,
that the snow would fall without me.
And yet: am I responsible for the snow,
or must it answer to me?

Should I not delight in the independence of snow?
Is that not its right?
Should I not cherish the world that surprises,
and covers its tracks in the snow?...


trillwing said...

That's just delightful. Thanks so much for that.

ArticulateDad said...

This poem was posted as part of my comments in response to Trillwing's post Argh. Argh argh. (Dissertation blues) on her blog, The Clutter Museum.