Wednesday, February 08, 2006

That's my competition?

Wow... I just got an email from one of the schools I applied to. The person they hired was a Full Professor at the school he was leaving, got his PhD in 1991! That's my competition? No wonder I don't have a job yet.

At least I know why his current school posted a one-year announcement last week. Granted, the position at the highly regarded Boston-area private University was "open rank". But geez. I guess they were being picky though. This last application (closed October 11) was actually the third time I had applied there. Once a year before, for a position they didn't fill. Once over the summer for a one-year interim post to cover the position they didn't fill. And finally again. The difference was, I had my PhD in hand this last time. Ah well, one more down.

Now for some writing and translating. Honest. But I do have an excuse, #1 has a 102.5F temperature, which I checked after we got back from the dentist.

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BrightStar said...

I hope #1 feels better soon.