Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3:00 am, 4:00 am...

3:00 am, the Painter enters our room, mumbles something. My wife takes him back to bed. What did he want? I don't know... something about, he wanted to get the water bottle out of the corner of his bed, or something... Oh, okay.

... I couldn't get back to sleep. Too many thoughts. Thoughts are good... it's just the anxiety of them, the urgency at 3:00 am. I'd rather be more thoughtful and productive when the sun is out.

I got up, went to my computer, dealt with some minor nuisances regarding my PRW (which is STILL DOWN by the way)--I needed to update my billing information... still waiting.

Then... I typed up some notes for contacting one of the founders of Steel Industries, Evan Gray, who was recommended to me at [Industry Conference West] by Matt Suliman, the founder and visionary of a very exciting small startup company SciFi Now. I decided, I need to get back to making contacts (even if I'm in temporary hiatus because of the lapse of my domain name). And, there would be few better contacts to make than Evan.

Steel Industries
is really my first target to hire me, either as an employee or a consultant. I need to understand, as well as I can, how their technology works, what issues they are already dealing with, what they have in the pike, and how my research can fit into it. I have a suspicion that I'm on to something. But I need to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel. Humility, commitment, persistence.

3:45 am... I return to bed. 4:00 am... the Painter is back... What do you need, sweety? Nothing... I just want to snuggle. He crawls into bed with us.

I had a dream that there was this boy, and he asked why we should be alive. Hmmm. I think we should be alive because life is pretty wonderful. What do you think? How is your life? Well, it's sort of medium. Alright, dear. We'll have to work on that. Good night. Good night, daddy!

I could sleep after that.

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Lilian said...

So... "last" night (Wed. night), my husband couldn't sleep either. Maybe between 3-5 a.m. and my son asked him the following question: Dad, did they offer you a job?

Well, he got an answer today.