Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tacky Schmacky

Tackiness be damned. I wrote earlier in the week of my dilemma regarding possibly lost emails. I decided, what the hell. There were only about a half dozen people whom I had written to in the past week or so from whom I had been expecting replies. I wrote them all brief notes this morning indicating that I had had some server problems earlier in the week, causing some senders to receive bounced email messages. I asked that they resend any emails that suffered that fate, apologized for the inconvenience, and said in any case that I looked forward to hearing from them. At least that's done.

Now, on to more analysis, new contacts, and working up my personal syllabus for life to send to my coach tonight. Rocket will be joining us for the coaching tomorrow for the first time. Tomorrow is one of her Fridays off, due to her 9/80 work schedule. I hope (and expect) the coaching will benefit her as well. She's been back and forth lately. It's been a not-so-great week for her at work, which means she's leaning more toward the dream of taking time off. But it's not so clear. I hope the joint coaching will help clarify matters.


J. Otto Pohl said...

For what is worth I do not think asking people to resend e-mails is tacky at all. I have had a large number of people ask me to resend them e-mails in similar situations. I am always happy to do it. Better that they have to ask for the e-mail again then for them not to have it. The only problem I can imagine would be if somebody was rude in asking for the e-mails again. But, I can not imagine that you would be impolite about it.

ArticulateDad said...

Hi J. Otto,

My real concern was that I might likely be asking for resends from numerous people who had not attempted to contact me. The fear is that I might seem pushy, or desperate to hear from them. But I suppose, if they chose not to respond to my inquiry in the first place, and are offended by such a notice... then they're not likely good contacts for me. So, I need not worry. The world is full of opportunity. The trick is in finding the right ones.