Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting out of my own way

Get out of your own way! That was the concept from today's coaching. How do you make it difficult for yourself?

Hmm... Paul was rather intent on helping me realize that "getting a job" is not exactly what I want, and frankly, it's not an easy task for me.

But why, in the universe, am I the only one this is tough for? I mean, okay, this is what people do: they send off their resumes, someone calls them. Easy. I thought that was the easy route. I've been trying to become a professor. That's hard.

Easy is a relative thing. The problem with taking someone else's path is that you don't have their eyes, and you bump into things. It's not your path. You're good in person, on the phone; you're interesting, engaging. Much better than in emails. Get off the computer! Make some phone calls; take some people to lunch. Ask them questions.

Okay... okay!

Thanks to apparently for her comment to my earlier post. Grace and courage to move forward are what I need.


Lilian said...

I think the most difficult thing for me is and has always been getting out of my own way. I need the right kind of prodding to do it and I guess my most recent reader has done it for me -- he's finally helping me to get out of the way and make some progress. I begin to see the end in sight regarding the dissertation.

It's a great relief.

trillwing said...

Honestly, I don't think I know anyone who got a job by sending off a résumé, and very few of my friends (Ph.D.s or not) have landed a job by answering an ad. I can't remember if Paul recommended What Color is Your Parachute? or not, but it's a fabulous book. I return to it periodically when I feel I've gotten off-track. And it's all about going out and pursuing a job rather than responding to what's advertised.

Hang in there! You're doing a great job, which will lead, I'm sure, to a terrific calling/career.

(BTW, the captcha I had to type in was "ueasyslp." Easy? It's a sign!)

ArticulateDad said...

Lilian, we're all waiting to celebrate, when you file that little paper. Congratulations on finding your wind again.

Trillwing (with all due affection), I do know many people who have gotten jobs that way, my wife for one. When she went back to work, after our year abroad, it took all of two phone calls, with two electronic forwards of her resume, to net her two interviews, and two offers.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't your present job advertised before you applied for it? Forgive me, I'm not trying to nitpick, and granted, I was being a bit facetious with my comment to Paul. But sometimes I just need to expunge myself of those frustrations, even if (especially if) they're based on unreasonable expectations of my own.

I understand the import of being more than simply a resume responding to an ad. And, I do appreciate the references to What Color is Your Parachute? Both Rocket and I have used various versions over the years.

In any case, thanks for your continued rooting. It will all work out. I know that. Easy, eh?