Thursday, March 15, 2007

Perhaps it's hormones

[Apologies for the following medicinal report]:

My wife is fond of the phrase "maybe it's just hormones" to explain occasional or pervasive feelings of ambiguity or uncertainty. And so, I wish to note that on the occasion of my latest relapse to self-pity, I was suffering from a rather large protrusion on my forehead, covering the right half from my eyebrow nearly up to my hairline, from the crease in the center almost to my temple. The swell was dramatic, sticking out nearly a half inch. Think of it as a lump about the size of an adult ear.

Why was it there? I wasn't sure. I mean, it could be a rather sudden tumor. No memory of banging my head. Not really painful, except, I was beginning to get a headache. I finally settled on the belief that it was sinus congestion. It seems my supposition was right. Despite my dosing with sudafed and tylenol or ibuprofen, on top of my daily allegra and flonase, during the past couple days, it hasn't fully gone away, though it has reduced.

Last night, perhaps partly in response the the compression and pressure point stimulation I applied to reduce the swelling, it sank, and my right eye is swollen. I set an appointment with a physician this afternoon. It would seem I have a raging sinus infection. I will credit that discomfort, at least in part, for my passing mood, and leave it at that.

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Lilian said...

I hope you feel better soon.