Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moving forward

Hi Mauricio,

Talked with Harry Quill for about an hour yesterday. Thanks for the introduction. Nice guy. Honest. Open. He didn't offer me a job, but he gave me quite a few ideas for moving forward.

Just to let you know: I submitted my resume and materials for 5 positions at [Subtle Products], hoping to break into the field whatever way I can. This is my path; I just have to figure out how to get on it.

The positions I submitted for are:

* [title] in Belgium
* [title] in Belgium
* [title] in the UK
* [title] in Massachusetts
* [title] in Massachusetts

I don't know what they'll be looking for. I'm not sure where I'll fit. What I do know is that [Applied Research Field] is my new home, however it comes.

Meantime, I'm not holding my breath for anything. I'm starting a consultancy [name of consultancy, electronic business card attached] to keep me busy, focusing initially on [details] and finding ways to incorporate this element into existing Forgery systems. Hopefully something will take. While I'm waiting, it sure is good to do some practical research.

Now... when are you coming for dinner? You just let me know when you'll be in the Rocket City area.


Thank you again for the kind invitation!

Glad you liked Harry-- he is a great guy. I used to work with him (and the rest of his team) and have enjoyed staying in touch with him.

Please send me another copy of your resume (I didn't keep the old one) and I'll forward it internally to the hiring managers for all of these positions.

Are you looking to relocate to the UK, Belgium or Boston?


Mauricio Huppman
Global Sales Manager
[Subtle Products, Inc.]

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Lilian said...

Hmmm, that's a beginning, good, good. From our own successful experience, internal forwarding if resumes is very helpful! :)