Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get up and do something

That's what I started to say to myself, after penning the last post. I realize that part of my problem is in the description there "I sit in my office, wondering what to do."

Of course, sitting, and wondering, is like navel-gazing, most conducive to stagnation. I finally got the motivation to write up an email to Matt Suliman the founder and president of SciFi Now!, whom I met at [Industry Conference]. He had sent me a couple articles that he had published on issues we had discussed at the conference. I finished reading them and typing up my notes yesterday.

Normally, I'm quite a gregarious person. But I hesitate at times, when I feel a particular contact is important. This is a fellow I hope to be friends with for a long time, as we share a great many interests. But it's sent off now.

Part of my problem today, and what has either lead me to a bit of navel-gazing, or at least has made that "sitting" more painful, is that I've been a bit in the waiting stage. I've been anticipating hearing from several people or institutions, who have remained silent. I need to get beyond the waiting, stop thinking about it, and accept that that's the way it is. Move ahead. Get working again. So, that's what I'm off to do.

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Lilian said...

This waiting game is hard. Even for "little things" like getting feedback on the dissertation chapter that was sent to the reader(s). Waiting is really hard, it makes us feel very powerless... I know the feeling.