Saturday, March 17, 2007

Paint by numbers

Lest any of you forget my domesticity, I begin a series of posts that highlight that aspect of my nature. Perhaps, in emulation of my dear friend, Lilian, a proud show of domesticity may help rub some of her family's recent good luck on the Articulate clan.

The Painter, a rather methodical sort, has discovered a great interest in numbers. Here, and below, evidence, from two different afternoons this past week.

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Lilian said...

Interestingly enough, I didn't scroll down to read the posts chronologically and I was delighted to see the garden photo (the only reason why I didn't post photos of my vegetable garden last year was my frustration with the results) and the reference to our friend Tracy.

Then, I saw even more photos and thought "Wow! He's actually posting photos of the boys, how neat!!" Thanks for the photos, the link, the comment and... I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that our luck does rub on the Articulate family and that you soon have important and meaningful definitions in your lives.

I'm fascinated by The Painter's fixation on numbers. Kelvin's very interested in writing and started reading some short words (in Portuguese). We have the same white/black board (ours is from IKEA), but I hadn't thought that it would be excellent to own an abacus as well. Will make a mental note of it and get it for the boys. Oh, on a completely unrelated note, today Kelvin's very first Richard Scarry book arrived in the mail. He loved it...