Friday, March 16, 2007

Redacted Joe

Be sure to read my post below. Then read on:

Gripe away! I couldn't agree more. (And by the way, sorry that I did not flag that form letter before it got sent. My only excuse is that I'm writing you from sunny [EuroCity].) I too had trouble getting my foot in the door, and I know someone with a Ph.D. from Harvard who never did manage to please all the right people on the right day. It's a crazy system. I think you should give research/consulting a whirl to see how it goes. I believe a good deal of networking is required, and probably a mentor "inside."

Let me know if I can help, and I hope you'll keep me in the loop.


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What Now? said...

I think that all of this is a wonderful turn of events, or at least a wonderful turn of attitude. I love it that you've created a logo and letterhead for your consultancy; those trappings of reality essentially create reality!