Monday, March 12, 2007

Close a door, and someone will knock

Dear Articulate Dad,

Thank you for expressing your interest in teaching at the [Alternate University]*.

We are pleased to inform you that the academic program director in your area of interest has reviewed your application and would like to consider your candidacy further. We ask that you arrange for an OFFICIAL transcript of your highest degree to be sent to our offices as soon as possible.

If you provided the names and contact information of five (5) professional references on your application, we will need no further information. We will be requesting that each reference respond within five business days.

The academic department will contact you once they have reviewed your completed application packet.

Again, thank you for your interest in [Alternate University].


Steven Hulk
Director of Worldwide Faculty Recruitment
* [Alternate University] is an accredited institution dedicated to providing students around the world the opportunity to achieve their goals through online instruction.

And just how did I come across this opening? Not through the usual channels. I didn't see it on the Chronicle's website. It wasn't posted on the vacancy lists of my professional societies. I saw an ad on some blog a month or so ago. No, this isn't a tenure-track gig. But then, maybe it's something to keep me busy while I get a consultancy off the ground. Who knows? Don't know where it'll go from here. But we'll see. Meantime, I'm happy just being where I am.


Greg Weeks said...

That's cool--it seems like there are more options on the horizon.

BrightStar said...

Consider this good affirmation in the meantime, no matter what happens!

undine said...

Sounds promising--good luck!

Lilian said...

Hah! Very interesting! Good to know that things are still happening, even better if they're "alternative" and can help you achieve the goals that are starting to take shape in your life now!