Friday, March 09, 2007

The grass

Last night at the gym (yes, Rocket and I have joined a gym, and have begun going a couple times a week!), I confessed to her that there is a bit of the "grass is always greener" syndrome going on. I admitted that I found myself a bit (just a bit, really) down over her renewed enthusiasm for work. You see, I'm envious of her success, but the feeling diminishes when I can believe that underneath it all the grass really isn't any greener on the other side. But, if she's successful and happy, satisfied and rewarded, well... [SIGH] it's much more difficult to abide.

And that goes for all of you too. I mean if you're going to have a wonderful job and all, and a good relationship, delightful children... at least complain about something, so I don't feel quite so bad, okay?

Of course... I started my coaching with Paul this morning by explaining how pissed off I am over the fact that it's just too hard to get depressed anymore. I mean, sometimes I feel like wallowing in self-pity, embracing an indignant sense of injustice about the way the world has treated me. I mean I deserve it, right? It's just, now, see... I can't get myself all worked up in those endless loops, because, well... they're not terribly productive. And while they are familiar, they haven't done much to get me on the road to success, which, I have to admit, is rather more what I wish for myself.

So, it's back to analyzing forgery and figuring out what I can. I wrote to Drew Davidson, the CEO of Steel Industries who donated some of their software to my research to ask about a matter regarding my research. Let's say, I'm analyzing how forgery models colors, okay. Well, each forgery engine goes about segmenting the spectrum a little bit differently, so it's not so useful for me to simply impose my own arbitrary classifications on the analysis. I asked whether it would be possible for me to gain access into Steel Industries' paradigms for segmenting color.

The reply was swift. Here are a couple of commands you can enter into the system to output color segmentation data. WOW! How great. I mean, that saves me so much work, and enhances the relevance of my analysis a thousandfold. As I said to David in my reply, This is fun!

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